Thursday, May 19, 2011

The NHS trial of HypnoBirthing: BBC reports (sort of)

Some of my HypnoBirthing colleagues are a bit disappointed with this report from the BBC...the same old "you are getting very sleepy" cliches are trotted out, the linking is clumsy...but hey, chaps, we have come a long way. You can watch the report here:

Now setting the bias of reporting aside, the main thing is there IS a trial which suggests that someone somewhere has twigged the idea that if more women were properly prepared for childbirth it would increase normal birth and decrease reliance on costly interventions.

So maybe the day may come when people like me do not have to patiently explain over and over again that no, natural childbirth does not mean self-flagellation; no, hypnosis is not a stage trick; no, a doula is not a sort of shaman...

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