Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home birth group

I've just put the dates for all future CHISWICK AND HAMMERSMITH HOME BIRTH GROUP dates in my diary right up to the end of 2012.

I've also put them on the HOME BIRTH GROUP page on my website  not to mention Facebook and I've tweeted the link with my @dailybabystuff Twitter username.

I run the Home Birth group as a casual drop-in meeting.

Typically we discuss subjects such as:
  • How to arrange a home birth
  • Your rights in choosing your place of birth
  • Reasons why you might be advised against a home birth by medical caregivers
  • How to get your home ready (not as much trouble as you might think!)
  • Safety of home birth and common objections from family and friends
  • Sharing experiences about home birth (The Good, the Bad and the Funny!)
  • When you have to transfer to hospital
We welcome home birth mums and dads and of course midwives, doulas, grandparents - anyone who wants to find out if a home birth is the right decision for the particular birth they are involved in.

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