Friday, April 17, 2009

Home Birth Safety - major study

Major study in the Netherlands shows home birth as safe as hospital for low risk mothers, reported 15 April 2009:

Very stupid and annoying columnist called Melanie Reid in The Times the next day:

Well, Melanie Reid, how would you like to be told you, or women like you, are "spoilt and complacent" because you insist on tying up scarce NHS resources with your expensive, consultant-delivered epidural anaesthesia and the cascade of interventions, requiring more and more medical staff to be involved in the delivery of your baby, which it often brings in its wake?
You wouldn't like it one bit. And of course no birth professional would be so purblind, mean-spirited and stupid as to describe a woman as "selfish" because she insists on the kind of high-maintenance birth environment Melanie Reid clearly thinks is essential for all women. Yet she thinks it is fine to throw this abuse at other women who want to make different choices.
How sick I am of women journalists who think that because they had a baby once, they know all there is to know about EVERYONE ELSE's labour and birth!

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