Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nancy's triumphant birth on Home Grown Babies!

My lovely HypnoBirthing client from last November, Nancy Evans, featured in the Living2 series Home Grown Babies a few days ago.
Her first labour had been a traumatic hospital experience filled with fear and confusion and at one point Nancy is seen bursting into tears at the memory.
Her birth was amazingly tranquil. She speaks during the labour of how comfortable and peaceful and safe she feels!
For the record, she went into labour about 8am, went into the pool about noon and baby Sid was born just after 2pm. The midwives were amazed by how peaceful and serene Nancy was throughout the labour. Apparently she didn't cry out or complain of pain once.
If you are looking out for the series, which will hopefully be repeated, check out episode 9 for Nancy's story.

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