Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is this the stupidest mum in Britain?

Mum's anger at lessons on breastfeeding07 Nov 2006

A MUM has sparked controversy after she was reported as saying she will take her seven-year-old son out of classes in a protest at him being given lessons on childbirth and breastfeeding.Val Bickley, of Barnard Castle, says her boy is too young to be taught about pregnancy and would rather the emphasis was on reading and writing, rather than childbirth.

And she is reported to have questioned why Startforth Morritt Memorial School, has lessons in breastfeeding, saying "it's disgusting".

But the school has defended its stance, stating the workshops have been successful in the past.Headteacher Linda Sams said: "The children have been studying the topic of babies and play and when the health visitor comes in she will be holding a workshop that looks at a number of things connected with this topic. She will be talking about how babies like to be close to their parents when they feed and she will discuss breast feeding."

It is a workshop that is being successfully delivered to schools across Teesdale and has been delivered to schools in previous years without any problems."We have offered an alternative activity for this child to take part in while the workshop is going on. Other parents are supportive and quite happy for their child to be included."Sandra Turner, from the Association of Breast-feeding Mothers said: "

The ABM believes that if, from a young age the child is taught the right way to breastfeed, then eventually, we will have a much healthier nation."

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