Sunday, January 13, 2008

Great waterbirth

My client X asked me to be her doula for the second time, a year after I attended the waterbirth of her second child.
We had some doubts about whether this would be a straightforward labour...but as it turned out, it was totally straightforward.
X had some cervical issues that might well have given some doctors reason to refuse to support her choice of natural labour. But the hospital we were at respected her as an intelligent informed mum and agreed to support her wishes. In the event, the cervical issues made absolutely NO difference to a steady dilation speed and a strong labour which ended with a gorgeous waterbirth of a beautiful baby girl.

Nancy's HypnoBirthing home water birth

In 2006 I had the privilege of being the HypnoBirthing educator who led Nancy and her husband Tecwin through the HypnoBirthing programme. Their progress and Nancy's remarkable labour and the birth of Sid, their second son, was tracked by the series Home Grown Babies (first shown on Living TV).
Someone (don't know who yet) has put extracts from the episode on YouTube. It is an amazing story.

(begins with a bit of an interview with me in it)

This bit shows the birth.