Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nancy has her baby!


My HypnoBirthing client Nancy gave birth beautifully and peacefully in her home birthing pool last week...on film!
She was being filmed by Bernadette Bos, writer and director of the Home Birth Diaries series on Discovery Health and Home. Berny is making a new series, which will air in the spring and probably be called Home Birth Stories.
Berny said she had not filmed a HypnoBirthing birth before and although I wasn't there, it seems that the relaxation and visualisation techniques I had taught Nancy really made a difference.
Nancy, who had a long and troublesome labour when her first child Rudy was born (and also haemorrhaged badly) was ecstatic afterwards. I finally got the news of baby Sid's birth during a school concert in which my son Leo, 12, was forming a humble but enthusiastic part of the school choir... a double joy!
She had a six hour labour, with surges beginning around 8am. She spent most of the first part on her birth ball and slid into her pool around 11.30pm. She breathed baby down; then towards the end of the second stage the baby's heartbeat began slowing alarmingly. So Nancy started pushing harder and baby was born 2.05pm. He needed a bit of extra care but was OK in five minutes.
Seems the heartbeat issues were caused by a KNOT in his umbilical cord which was tightening as he descended - yikes!
I know I am biased - but I feel sure that without HypnoBirthing, Nancy would not have had the energy reserves for the pushing, or the emotional composure to deal with this moment of alarm.

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